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LaSalle/ St Ignatius Plaid Skort


Plaid 55 Skort

LaSalle- MANDATORY for girls grade 7-8 with white oxford shirt along with LaSalle sweater vest, pullover, button down V-neck, and/or crew neck for winter uniform.  Skort MUST be worn with LaSalle short sleeve lt blue banded or unbanded polo shirt for summer uniform. Skort must be no more than 2 inches above the knee.
St. Ignatius- Skort or skirt is REQUIRED for girls grade 5-8 with a lt blue or white oxford blouse along with a MANDATORY school monogrammed (school logo is mandatory) navy or Prescott red vest, long sleeve pullover, button down v-neck, and or crew neck sweater  St. Ignatius white polo is permitted with skort or skirt for the summer uniform. 
Half size/plus size is three inches wider in the waist
Skort comes with adjustable waist

Weight16 oz

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